If you're looking to travel by ferry from the UK, you have plenty of options for exploring Europe and the surrounding islands.

Popular UK ports such as Dover, Portsmouth and Plymouth offer crossings to a variety of destinations including France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

The main ferry companies serving these destinations include P&O, Brittany Ferries, Condor Ferries, Stena Line, DFDS, Irish Ferries, Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and Wightlink. Each of these companies offers regular and comfortable sailings for passengers, as well as on-board facilities to keep them entertained throughout their journey.

Popular destination ports include Dublin, Roscoff, Belfast, St Malo, Calais, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with popular ferry routes including Calais-Dover, Holyhead-Dublin, Portsmouth-Caen, Portsmouth-Santander, Newcastle-Amsterdam, Liverpool-Belfast and Plymouth-Roscoff.

Searching for and comparing ferry tickets is also very easy with Vivanoda. Whether you're travelling alone, as a couple, with your family or in a group, you're sure to find a ferry option that suits your needs and budget. So why not plan your next ferry trip now?

Why use Vivanoda to search for ferry tickets?

Why use Vivanoda to search for ferry tickets?

As you have probably already experienced, searching for ferry tickets can be very time consuming.

With Vivanoda you can easily view and compare all available offers from all ferry companies in one search. This allows you to get the best fares and save time when searching for a ferry ticket.

On Vivanoda you have access to a wide choice of nearly 3,000 sailings, with a complete coverage of Europe to and from The Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Croatia.....

Compare ferry fares and book your ticket directly online

Compare ferry fares and book your ticket directly online

To easily obtain the fares and all the timetables of the ships on the desired route, enter the departure and arrival ports in the search form. Vivanoda will then search for all the shipping companies operating on the route (with or without stopovers) to get the real time fares and availability. Simply select the offer you are interested in and book your ship ticket online.

Are you travelling to your departure port by train or bus? Vivanoda is a multimodal comparator and allows you to search for bus, carpool and train offers at reduced prices to combine with your ferry ticket. You will find all transport offers on one platform and save precious time.

Ferry prices in Europe

At Vivanoda, we wanted to launch a major study of ferry prices in Europe in order to gain a better understanding of how ferry fares vary according to a number of criteria (destination country, distance, seasonality, etc.). We therefore analysed tens of thousands of ferry fares on hundreds of routes in Europe, as well as crossings to Turkey and the Maghreb countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), in order to get as exhaustive a picture as possible. It should be noted that only price has been taken into account in this study, irrespective of the quality of service on board, differences in staff salaries, economic differences between countries, etc.

  • Ferry crossings to Tunisia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Sweden have the lowest price index.
  • Conversely, ferry crossings to Turkey, the United Kingdom and Morocco have the highest price indexes.
  • Connections between Greece and Turkey and those between Morocco and Spain are proportionally the most expensive in Europe.
  • Connections between Germany and Lithuania or Latvia are the least expensive in relation to the distance travelled.
  • The shorter the crossing, the more expensive it is.
  • Across Europe, prices are higher on average from July to September. They are also slightly higher at weekends.
See all the results of the study of ferry prices in Europe
Ferry prices in Europe

Ferry companies

We list the main ferry companies that offer ferry services from the UK. All these ferry companies are included in our ferry comparison tool so you can easily find your ferry ticket.

P&O Ferries
P&O Ferries
P&O Ferries is a British shipping company that offers several direct crossings from Calais to Dover (in competition with DFDS Seaways), as well as other crossings from the Netherlands (between Rotterdal and Hull), Belgium and Ireland to England.
DFDS Seaways
DFDS Seaways
The Danish shipping company DFDS Seaways operates mainly in Northern Europe, but also from France. It operates the Amsterdam/IJmuiden-Newcastle, Dieppe-Newhaven, Calais-Dover and Dunkirk-Dover routes.
Stena Line
Stena Line
Stena Line is a Swedish ferry company that operates a large number of ferry routes throughout Europe, mainly on the British Isles, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Poland.
Irish Ferries
Irish Ferries
Irish Ferries is an Irish ferry company operating regular crossings between Ireland and the UK. It also offers crossings to France. The company has a fleet of nine modern and comfortable vessels, offering facilities such as restaurants, shops, children's playrooms and passenger lounges. Irish Ferries stands out for its quality service, attention to detail and commitment to safety.
Brittany Ferries
Brittany Ferries
Brittany Ferries, a Breton shipping company based in Roscoff, is a major player in cross-Channel traffic between France and England. It offers easy access to London from Brittany and Normandy. On board the Pont Aven, Armorique, Cap Finistère and all the other ferries in the fleet, you will find all the entertainment and restaurants you need for an enjoyable crossing.
Condor Ferries
Condor Ferries
Condor Ferries is a UK-based ferry company that links the south of England with the Channel Islands and France. It has a modern fleet of four vessels, including the Condor Liberation, which is one of the largest fast catamarans in the world.
Isle of Man Steam Packet
Isle of Man Steam Packet
The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company specialises in passenger and vehicle ferries between the Isle of Man and ports in the North West of England and Ireland. The company was founded in 1830 and today has a fleet of modern ships with quality facilities including restaurants, bars, shops and children's areas.
Wightlink is a British ferry company that operates between the Isles of Wight and the mainland. It operates three different crossings, between Portsmouth and Fishbourne, Lymington and Yarmouth, and Portsmouth and Ryde.

To provide you with even more comprehensive results, the network of ferry routes in your Vivanoda ferry comparison is constantly growing. In the results you will find ferries from other ferry companies like Condor Ferries, Irish Ferries, Algeria Ferries, LD Lines, Minoan Limansnes, Anek Lines, Hellenic Seaways, Blue Star Ferries,...

Main ferry destinations

With our ferry ticket search engine you can find prices for hundreds of ferry crossings in Europe and around the world.

Here is a list of the top destinations from the over 3,000 ferry routes available on our site.

Madeira Funchal
Tangier Nador
Hirtshals Esbjerg
Ostend Zeebrugge

Why travel by ferry?

With nearly 400 million ferry trips per year and the ubiquitous seas (Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean, English Channel...), oceans and lakes that make up its geography, Europe is an ideal place to travel by boat.

Although it is a rather slow means of transport, and although more and more companies are introducing ultra-fast ferries on the busiest routes, which can halve or triple the journey time, the ferry has many advantages to offer:

What is a ferry crossing like?

Once you have found and booked your ferry ticket through Vivanoda, you will quickly receive a confirmation e-mail containing the most important information (price, number of passengers, vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians, equipment on board: cabin or reclining seat, etc). It will also indicate the time at which the ferry company requires you to report to the port of embarkation. It is imperative that you respect this time or you will be refused access to the ship.

If you are travelling by car, boarding is very quick and you go straight to the check-in desks decorated in your company's colours. If you are a pedestrian, you check in at the ferry terminal and then board. Make sure you have your valid identity documents, passport or national identity card, depending on the destination and the border you are crossing.

Once on board, everyone is in control of their own time: restaurants for gourmets, entertainment and shows for children, cinema and video games for teenagers, reading and rest for parents.... The services on board the ferries strive to meet the needs of all age groups and individuals.

To avoid seasickness, most newer ships are equipped with stabilisers that reduce the sensation of the boat moving on the waves. But for those who are more sensitive, and depending on the weather conditions, it is advisable to take regular fresh air on the deck of the boat, to sit near a window to see the horizon in order to give the brain better coordinated information. You can also take anti-seasickness medication, which usually makes you sleepy.

When the crossing is over, you enjoy the coastline of your final destination as it gradually takes shape until you arrive in port.

Ecological impact of ferry travel?

Like all forms of transport and all travel, ferry journeys produce greenhouse gases and therefore have an ecological impact on the planet. Ships consume a lot of fuel and emit fumes containing heavy metals. But like any industry, shipping has played a role in the fight against global warming.

The Convention on Marine Pollution (MARPOL), initiated by the International Maritime Organisation and adopted by the European Commission in Europe, requires ferries and other transport vessels to meet maximum emission standards. Shipping companies are the first to introduce cleaner, more environmentally friendly ships.

Brittany Ferries, for example, has fitted all its ships with scrubbers to wash and purify the fumes they produce, thanks to EU subsidies. Ships running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) will also become the norm in the near future.

Questions frequently asked by travellers when planning a ferry trip and buying a ferry ticket

You can find cheap ferry fares by booking in advance, travelling in low season, comparing prices between different ferry companies via Vivanoda, or by looking for special offers and promotions.

To book a ferry ticket online, go to Vivanoda, choose the date and time of travel, select the type of ticket you want, enter the passenger's details and make the payment online.

The services on board the ferry vary depending on the company and the type of ferry. In general, passengers can expect to find restaurants, bars, shops, relaxation areas, children's play areas, cabins, showers, toilets, Wi-Fi connection and emergency medical assistance.

Yes, most ferries offer cabins for passengers who wish to rest or travel in privacy. Cabins are often equipped with beds, private bathrooms and other amenities.

Carrying vehicles on board the ferry is often possible, but procedures and costs vary from company to company. It is advisable to check the ferry company's requirements and fares before booking your trip.

Choosing the best ferry company depends on several factors, such as destination, type of ferry desired, budget and personal preferences. It is best to use Vivanoda to compare the offers and services of different ferry companies before making a decision.

Yes, it is often possible to travel with pets on board ferries, but the rules and fares vary from company to company. It is advisable to check the ferry company's conditions and fares before booking your journey.

Some ferry companies offer special deals for groups, usually of 10 or more people. These offers may include discounts on tickets, benefits such as free meals on board or discounts on cabin reservations. It is advisable to contact the ferry company directly for more information on special offers for groups.

Most ferry ports have paid parking facilities nearby for travellers who wish to park their vehicles during their ferry journey. It is advisable to check the parking facilities at the port of your choice before departure.

There may be transfer options to the ferry port, such as public transport shuttles or local taxis. Some ferry companies also offer shuttle services from designated embarkation points. It is advisable to contact the ferry company or check the transport options of the chosen ferry port before departure.

Many ferry companies offer a range of on-board entertainment, including restaurants, bars, shops, children's play areas, lounges and cinemas. Entertainment options may vary depending on the ferry company and the length of the journey. It is advisable to check the ferry company's entertainment options before booking a ticket.

Many ferry companies offer Wi-Fi on board, often for a fee. However, the quality of the connection may vary depending on the coverage and speed of the network in the travel area. It is advisable to check the ferry company's Wi-Fi capabilities before booking a ticket.

Most ferry companies offer facilities and services for people with reduced mobility, such as ramps, lifts and accessible toilets. It is recommended that you contact the ferry company directly for more information on the facilities available to disabled people.

Many ferry companies offer shops on board, where passengers can buy souvenirs, luxury items, snacks and drinks. It is advisable to check the options offered by the ferry company before booking a ticket. It is important to note that prices on board may be higher than prices in the shops.