Travelling to Holland by ferry

Travelling to Holland by ferry is an excellent choice! Holland is served by 4 ferry companies (DFDS Seaways, P&O Ferries, Stena Line or Holland Norway Lines). These companies operate 4 ferry crossings to Holland, serving the ports of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Amsterdam, Hull, Rotterdam, Harwich, Hook of Holland, Kristiansand and Eemshaven.

To make sure you find a cheap ferry ticket to Holland, we recommend using our search engine that compares offers, prices and availability of DFDS Seaways, P&O Ferries, Stena Line and Holland Norway Lines.

With a total frequency of over 3 crossings a day, depending on the time of year, from 3 countries (United Kingdom, Netherlands and Norway), you have many options for planning your ferry crossing to Holland.

The fastest crossing takes 11 hours (Hull - Rotterdam) with a distance of 237 mi and the longest 18 hours (Kristiansand - Eemshaven) with a distance of 328 mi.

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Most popular ferry crossings to Holland

Search Vivanoda for the fastest, longest or most frequent ferries to Holland. Compare offers from DFDS Seaways, P&O Ferries, Stena Line and Holland Norway Lines and book your ticket to Holland.

Most popular ferry routes to Holland

Looking for a ferry to Holland? Discover the most popular routes that allow you to sail between different parts of the country and abroad. Whether you want to reach islands, historic ports or picturesque beaches, ferries are a convenient and comfortable way to travel in Holland.

Popular ferry routes in Holland include destinations like Newcastle Upon Tyne, Amsterdam, Hull, Rotterdam, Harwich, Hook of Holland, Kristiansand and Eemshaven and many others. Modern ferries in Holland offer great facilities and services, from comfortable cabins to on-board restaurants and activities for the whole family.

Use our fare comparison tool to find the best deals on ferry tickets to Holland and plan your trip. With our easy-to-use search tool, you can find deals and timetables from several ferry companies, including DFDS Seaways, P&O Ferries, Stena Line or Holland Norway Lines. There is sure to be a deal that best suits your needs and budget. Search all 4 ferry routes!

Ferries to Holland from United Kingdom

Newcastle Upon Tyne United Kingdom
Amsterdam Netherlands
From £69
  • DFDS Seaways Newcastle Upon Tyne Amsterdam
    DFDS Seaways
    7 crossings a week
    15 hours 50 min
    321 mi
Hull United Kingdom
Rotterdam Netherlands
From £113
  • P&O Ferries Hull Rotterdam
    P&O Ferries
    7 crossings a week
    11 hours
    237 mi
Harwich United Kingdom
Hook of Holland Netherlands
From £48
  • Stena Line Harwich Hook of Holland
    Stena Line
    121 mi

Ferries to Holland from Norway

Kristiansand Norway
Eemshaven Netherlands
  • Holland Norway Lines Kristiansand Eemshaven
    Holland Norway Lines
    3 crossings a week
    18 hours
    328 mi
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FAQs about travelling by ferry to Holland

Simply search for ferries to Holland on Vivanoda among the 4 routes we offer and compare prices. Finally, select the desired ferry crossing and book it.

There are 4 ferry companies operating to Holland: DFDS Seaways, P&O Ferries, Stena Line and Holland Norway Lines ...

Newcastle Upon Tyne-Amsterdam, Hull-Rotterdam, Harwich-Hook of Holland and Kristiansand-Eemshaven are the most popular ferry routes for travellers.

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Ferry Journey to Holland

Holland: Visit the country after your ferry crossing

The Netherlands is a popular European destination for ferry travellers. With ferry ports in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hook of Holland, it is easy to travel to and from the Netherlands by ferry.

When travelling by ferry to the Netherlands, it is important to know which port you will be arriving or departing from. Amsterdam is a popular port for ferries from the UK, while Rotterdam and Hook of Holland are more often used for ferries from Scandinavia or Germany.

Once you have disembarked, there is plenty to see and do in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is of course famous for its canals, museums and lively nightlife. Rotterdam is a modern and vibrant city, with many contemporary buildings and fine restaurants. And don't miss the famous tulip fields at Keukenhof.

As well as natural beauty and bustling cities, the Netherlands also has a rich culture and fascinating history. Learn about the country's history at the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, or visit the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam to learn more about the country's maritime history.

If you want to explore the Netherlands by ferry, there are several ferry companies that serve the country. DFDS Seaways, Stena Line and P&O Ferries are some of the most popular ferry companies. Popular ferry routes include Newcastle - Amsterdam, Hull - Rotterdam and Harwich - Hook of Holland.

Holland: When is the best time to travel?

The best time to visit the Netherlands is generally in summer, from June to August. During this period, temperatures are pleasant, fluctuating between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. The days are longer, which means more time to explore the beautiful Dutch cities, national parks and tulip fields. The temperatures are ideal for cycling along the canals, strolling through the bustling streets of Amsterdam or enjoying the summer activities organised throughout the country.

On the other hand, the worst time to travel in the Netherlands is winter, from December to February. Temperatures are cold, sometimes dropping below zero. It often rains and the days are short, which can limit the opportunities for outdoor visits. However, if you like the atmosphere of winter and Christmas markets, this is a good time to visit. Dutch cities are decked out in festive lights and decorations, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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