Travelling by boat from Wales to Ireland

Travelling by ferry from Wales to Ireland is an excellent choice! Wales Ireland ferries are operated by 3 ferry companies (Irish Ferries, Stena Line or Fastnet Line) serving the ports of Pembroke, Rosslare, Fishguard, Dun Laoghaire, Cork, Swansea and Dublin.

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The fastest crossing takes 2 hours 20 min (Holyhead - Dublin) for a distance of 68 mi and the longest 4 hours (Pembroke - Rosslare) for a distance of 75 mi.

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Most popular Wales Ireland ferry crossings

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All Wales Ireland ferry routes

Looking for a Wales to Ireland ferry? Discover the most popular routes that allow you to sail between these different regions. Whether you want to reach islands, historic ports or picturesque beaches, ferries are a convenient and comfortable way to travel between Wales and Ireland. Comfortable cabins, on-board restaurants, cinemas, children's activities... ferries from Fastnet Line, Stena Line or Irish Ferries offer excellent facilities and services for all the family.

To plan your ferry trip to Holyhead, Dublin, Swansea, Cork, Dun Laoghaire or Fishguard use our fare comparison tool to find the best deals on Wales Ireland ferry tickets that will save you time and money. Using our easy to use price comparison tool you can find deals and timetables from a number of ferry companies including Irish Ferries, Stena Line or Fastnet Line. There's sure to be a deal to suit your needs and budget. Search from 5 ferry routes between Wales and Ireland!

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Ferry Wales Ireland - Tickets and prices for crossings

Guide for a ferry trip from Wales to Ireland

Ireland: Ferry journey and discovery of the country

Ireland's ports are well connected to a number of British cities such as Holyhead, Liverpool and Fishguard, making it easy for travellers to reach the Emerald Isle. Modern ferries offer optimum comfort with facilities such as restaurants, bars, lounges and even cinemas to keep you entertained throughout your journey. Whether you choose a private cabin or a standard seat, you can enjoy the crossing while admiring the breathtaking seascapes.

You can also travel by ferry from France or even Spain. These longer itineraries will give you the chance to enjoy a unique experience at sea, with stopovers in picturesque ports such as Cherbourg, Roscoff or Bilbao. It will also allow you to explore less touristy parts of Ireland, discovering charming villages and unspoilt coastal landscapes.

Ireland: When is the best time to go?

The best time to travel in Ireland is generally summer, which runs from June to August. During this period, temperatures average between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, with longer days and more sunshine. It's the perfect time to explore the Irish countryside, enjoying the beautiful green landscapes, spectacular cliffs and picturesque castles. The warm, sunny days are ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and picnics.

However, it's important to note that even in summer, it can rain frequently in Ireland. Showers are often brief but intense, so it's always advisable to bring an umbrella or waterproof jacket. Ireland is also prone to coastal fog, particularly along the Atlantic coast.

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