Vivanoda is a journey planner for comparing transport modes between two cities

Vivanoda is a journey planner for comparing transport modes between two cities

You have chosen your destination and don't know how to get there?
Flight, train, bus, ferries, carpooling: with an increasingly important transport offer in Europe, you can easily get lost!
That's why Vivanoda is here to help you find your transport, save you time and save on your tickets!

Plan your trip

Plan your trip

Our Vivanoda journey planner is a search engine that aggregates offers from different transport modes. Find all transport connections by train, bus, ferry or plane.

Compare prices

Compare prices

View flights, train tickets, bus or ferry fares and even carpool offers at a glance! Filter and sort the results to quickly and easily select the offer that suits you best.

Book your ticket

Book your ticket

When you have compared all offers, book directly with our partners: carrier websites (bus, train or ferry companies) or travel agencies.

What could be more picturesque than arriving at one's destination by boat! It is true that the ferry is not the fastest mode of transport, but it is one of the most enjoyable. Each ship offers many on-board services that allow you to fully enjoy the crossing and start your holiday from the moment you board. An experience very different from other modes of transport, where taking your time becomes a pleasure again. Whether you travel by ferry to Channel Islands, France, Ireland, Spain, Holland, Greece or more distant destinations, we offer on our platform a ferry comparator with no less than 1,200 lines maritime.

Find the best ferry companies

The train is a great way to travel cheaply in Europe and very fast. In Spain, you will use Renfe trains, which serve all parts of the country. In France, the range of trains has also changed a lot in recent years and the national railway company SNCF has launched many innovations to stay attractive to new competitors: bus and carpooling. Low-cost OUIGO trains are developing and serving more and more French cities. Thalys trains to the Netherlands and Belgium, the Eurostar to connect Britain to the continent or TGV Lyria to Switzerland; all these companies offer very interesting offers and advantageous discounts throughout the year. And to help you navigate through the jungle of deals and fares, it's always easier to compare train tickets on Vivanoda to make sure you travel at the best price.

Travel with the best train companies

Nowadays, the bus has become a very economical solution for travelling in Europe, despite much longer times than by train. To make it easier to compare bus tickets and make a quick selection of this offer, using Vivanoda will soon become essential!

Travel with the main bus companies


It is difficult to design a transport comparator without taking into account cheap flights that allow you to travel to Europe at a lower cost. Especially since the so-called "traditional" companies have also adopted interesting fare schedules. Plane is a very competitive mode in price compared to train (it is not unusual to find cheaper flights than a train ticket) and very advantageous to save time (1 hour flight to Paris-Nice against more than 13 hours by bus). On Vivanoda, we integrate more than 500 airlines, from the biggest to the smallest, serving thousands of destinations around the world. You will inevitably find your happiness in the flights we offer.


We no longer present this mode of transport, which since 2011 has allowed millions of Europeans to travel in the car of a person they do not know. As a rival to trains and more recently buses, carpool trips are a good solution to consider when planning a trip. It is also an excellent way to overcome the lack of cross-border services (from one small town to another) neglected by the train or bus and offers real flexibility in organising your trip.

Frequently asked questions when planning a trip with Vivanoda

To organise your trip in the best conditions with Vivanoda, here we present the questions often asked by travellers looking for transport offers. If you have a question and cannot find the answer here, send us a message so we can help you.

Vivanoda is a travel planner that allows any traveller looking for transport solutions for a planned trip to easily find deals and tickets for ferries, buses, trains, planes and even carpool deals. Founded in 2013, Vivanoda works with a large number of transport companies and travel agencies to offer you the best transport solutions. Vivanoda received numerous mentions in the national press in several European countries (France, Portugal, UK, etc.) and received several important awards, including the European Commission's Transport Innovation Challenge. The site is created, based and hosted in the European Union.

Simply search through the form at the top of the page by entering your departure city and destination city. Then, by selecting your travel dates, the application automatically starts a price search with all transport partners (travel agencies, ferry companies, train companies, etc...). If the search returns results, you can choose the offers that best suit you based on the mode of transport, duration, price,... In short, according to what suits you best.

Once you have selected a transport offer at the price that suits you, you will be redirected to our partner's website. Vivanoda is not a travel agency and therefore does not take bookings directly. It is on our partner's website that you can book your plane, train, bus or ferry ticket in complete safety. All our partners are licensed and trusted travel agents and travel professionals.

You have already booked your ticket, but want to change or cancel it for personal reasons? Vivanoda is a trip planner and currently does not allow you to book your ticket directly. Vivanoda cannot change or cancel your booking. You must contact our partner directly with whom you booked your ticket. Some tickets cannot be changed or cancelled. Therefore, please check the price conditions of the ticket you have just bought to see if you can change and cancel it free of charge or if you have to pay a surcharge.

Vivanoda gets the prices in the search results directly from its partners and in real time. In the vast majority of cases, all prices displayed on Vivanoda are the same as the prices on the partner's website from which you book your ticket. However, it may happen that there is a technical problem or a price processing issue, resulting in an incorrect price being displayed. It is your responsibility to check with our partner before booking that all information (price, date, number of passengers, etc.) matches your requirements.

No. As a journey planner, Vivanoda does not apply any charges to the fares presented. You never have to pay anything on Vivanoda and the price shown is the price you pay when you book your ticket on our partner's website.

Vivanoda collects all transport offers and all modes of transport (plane, train, ferry, bus, carpooling) so you can easily plan your trip, mainly in Europe. We have formed partnerships with several transport and travel agencies that pay Vivanoda a commission on ticket sales. This has no impact on you because the prices are exactly the same as on other sites. On the other hand, the presence of advertisements on the site's pages also helps fund the site.

Vivanoda is a journey planner and we propose multimodal and intermodal routes, meaning that you will find proposals for journeys with, for example, a train journey in the first stage and a plane journey in the second stage. So you get a connection between these two modes of transport. Note that this type of connection is autonomous, i.e. they are two separate tickets that you book on two different partner sites. This means that if your train is late and you miss your plane, the airline is not responsible for your delay. This may result in additional costs for finding another flight. We recommend that you allow sufficient connecting time to avoid this kind of inconvenience.

If you have questions about your booking of a ferry, bus, train or plane made through Vivanoda on the website of one of our partners, you should contact this partner directly. This partner is in charge of booking your tickets and therefore manages all transactions related to the sale of this ticket (booking, modification, cancellation)

It can happen for various reasons that the carrier, be it an airline, train, bus or ferry, unfortunately feels compelled to cancel the trip. Vivanoda is not responsible for your booking and therefore has no authority to refund your travel. We recommend that you contact the travel agency where you booked your ticket directly and ask them about the refund policy in case of cancellation by the transport company. In the case of air tickets, you should know that there are regulations in the European Union that require airlines to compensate for cancellations and long delays. More information can be found on the European Commission website >

When you book a bus, train, plane or ferry ticket with one of our partners, they will send you a confirmation email stating that your booking has been considered and summarising all the important information about your trip. If you have not received it, first check that it has not ended up in your spam folder and that the e-mail address you have provided is the correct one. As a last resort, you can contact the partner of the travel agency you booked with. They are the only ones who can guarantee that your booking was successful.

Vivanoda was awarded by several renowned organisations that highlighted the originality of the site and its usefulness for European travellers:

Vivanoda European Commission

The European Commission and its Directorate-General for Transport and Mobility (DGMOVE) awarded Vivanoda for the "European Challenge on Transport Innovation" organised in 2017.

The International Union of Railways (Global Railway Organisation, which represents 196 companies and railway companies around the world, from Afghanistan Railways to Trenitalia and SNCF through Japan Railways ...) awarded the 2017 Digital Award to Vivanoda

Vivanoda also received the "Groupama Confidence Creator Award", organised by the French insurance group, which recognises innovative concepts in various categories, including transport.

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