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How to get from Holyhead to Dublin by ferry ?

Looking for the perfect Holyhead to Dublin ferry ticket? You've come to the right place. Taking a ferry from Holyhead to Dublin is a convenient and enjoyable way to travel.

We know that planning a ferry trip from Holyhead to Dublin can be stressful, so we do our best to make your Holyhead to Dublin ferry booking as quick and easy as possible.

With Vivanoda, our easy to use platform, you can compare prices, routes and services of different ferry companies like Irish Ferries or Stena Line. This way you can find the best deal on a Holyhead Dublin ferry ticket to suit your needs and budget, whether you're travelling alone, as a couple or with your family.

Most Stena Line or Irish Ferries ships offer on-board facilities such as cabins, restaurants, shops, Wi-Fi and more. Often they also offer facilities for people with reduced mobility.

To find the best deals on ferries from Holyhead to Dublin simply enter your travel dates and start your search on Vivanoda.

Holyhead to Dublin Ferry Information

Port of departure
United Kingdom
Port of Arrival
68 mi
Ferry Companies
Irish Ferries, Stena Line
Frequency of crossings
10 crossings a day
Minimum crossing time
2 hours 20 min
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Ferry Holyhead Dublin: Fares, Timetables and Duration

To travel by ferry from Holyhead to Dublin, you'll find tickets range from £36 for one person if you're travelling without a car to £259 if you're travelling with your car. The average price we've seen on the Holyhead to Dublin route is £131. The average ferry crossing time from Holyhead to Dublin is 3 hours 7 min. The slowest ferries will take 3 hours 30 min to reach Dublin, while the fastest boats will arrive in Dublin in 2 hours 15 min. The first ferry leaves the port of Holyhead at 02:15. The last boat to Dublin leaves the port of Holyhead at 20:30.

Average price of a Holyhead to Dublin ferry crossing
Price range of ferries Holyhead Dublin (Lowest price for 1 passenger and highest price for 1 passenger and a car)
£36 - £259
Average crossing time Holyhead Dublin
3 hours 7 min
Departure time of first ferry to Dublin
Time last ferry leaves for Dublin
Arrival time of first ferry to Dublin
Arrival time of last ferry to Dublin

Why travel by ferry from Holyhead to Dublin?

Whether you're travelling alone, as a couple or with the family, a Holyhead to Dublin ferry can be a convenient and enjoyable option for getting to Dublin. Here are 3 reasons why we think a ferry from Holyhead to Dublin is an ideal way to travel.

It's much less boring than on a plane
Generally speaking, to get to Dublin or anywhere else, the plane is the fastest way. But you are stuck in your seat, strapped in by your seatbelt, and there is almost no opportunity to travel. On the other hand, during the Holyhead Dublin crossing on the Irish Ferries or Stena Line ferry, you have total freedom in your activities, to eat, walk, entertain or rest. A totally different experience to flying!
Enjoy the fresh sea air
The health benefits of the sea have long been proven. During the Holyhead-Dublin crossing, access the outside areas of the Stena Line or Irish Ferries ship to take a deep breath of air. A feeling of well-being will quickly take hold of you. This will allow you to start your holiday in Dublin full of energy.
So you don't have to worry about the amount of luggage
With the train, bus or plane, an excess of one free piece of luggage is often applied and each additional piece of luggage generates an additional cost. For the Holyhead to Dublin crossing, as long as all your luggage is contained in your car, no supplement is required. If you are travelling as a pedestrian, the conditions may be more restrictive as you will need to carry your luggage with you until you arrive in Dublin. However, it is advisable to ask the crew of Stena Line or Irish Ferries, as luggage lockers are often provided for passengers to store their luggage during the crossing.

Which companies operate between Holyhead and Dublin?

If you want to travel between Holyhead and Dublin by ferry, there are a number of companies to choose from including Stena Line or Irish Ferries who run regular services between the two cities. You can find out more about the different shipping companies on this route and their departure times here.

Stena Line Holyhead Dublin
Stena Line
Stena Line is a Swedish-based ferry company offering passenger and vehicle services between ports in Western Europe, including between the ports of Harwich in the UK and Hook of Holland in the Netherlands, between Hull and Rotterdam and between Liverpool and Belfast in Northern Ireland. On Vivanoda, you can compare Holyhead-Dublin fares and book a Stena Line ticket between Holyhead and Dublin. Stena Line operates 4 crossings a day to Dublin from Holyhead and the journey time is 3 hours 20 min. More information about Stena Line
3 hours 20 min
4 crossings a day
Irish Ferries Holyhead Dublin
Irish Ferries
Irish Ferries operates ferry services between Ireland and Great Britain and Ireland and France. On Vivanoda, you can compare Holyhead-Dublin fares and book a Irish Ferries ticket between Holyhead and Dublin. Irish Ferries operates 6 crossings a day to Dublin from Holyhead and the journey time is 2 hours 20 min. More information about Irish Ferries
2 hours 20 min
6 crossings a day

Where do the ferries leave from in Holyhead? Where do the boats arrive in Dublin?

Port of departure in Holyhead

Stena Line or Irish Ferries ferries depart for Dublin from the following ports in Holyhead:

Holyhead Ferry Terminal

Port of arrival in Dublin

Irish Ferries or Stena Line ships arrive in Dublin from the following ports:

Dublin StenaLine Ferries Terminal 2
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If you take a ferry from Holyhead to Dublin, it will take you at least 2 hours 20 min to cover the 68 mi between Holyhead and Dublin.

This often depends on the season (there are fewer crossings between Holyhead and Dublin in winter) and the ferry company (Stena Line and Irish Ferries). There are currently 10 crossings a day between Holyhead and Dublin.

There are 2 ferry companies operating between Holyhead and Dublin: Stena Line and Irish Ferries.

Yes, absolutely, direct crossings are offered by Irish Ferries, Stena Line.

Before booking, compare the prices of Irish Ferries, Stena Line on our website Vivanoda. Then book the crossing of your choice easily and securely on our partner's website.

If you want to change or cancel your Holyhead Dublin ferry booking, you can do so easily by contacting our partner who manages your booking. Please note that, depending on the fare conditions, some tickets are non-refundable or non-changeable. It is important to take this into account when booking your ticket.

During your crossing between Holyhead and Dublin, you will travel 68 mi.

To go by boat from Holyhead to Dublin, you can find prices ranging from £36 for the lowest, to £259 for the highest. The average price we observed was £131.

The first ferry leaves Holyhead at 02:15 for Dublin.

The last ferry to Dublin usually departs from Holyhead at 20:30.

Your Holyhead to Dublin ferry experience

If you have never been on a ferry before, it is difficult to imagine what a day at sea between Holyhead and Dublin would be like. To help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Irish Ferries or Stena Line ferry cruise, here we explain the different stages of the journey, from boarding the ship in Holyhead to disembarking in Dublin. You will also find practical information about Holyhead and Dublin.

Departure from Holyhead by ferry

Before your Holyhead Dublin ferry journey begins, here are the few steps to embark:

  • Presentation at the port of Holyhead / You should arrive in the port of Holyhead well in advance. Please check this with your Irish Ferries or Stena Line company. After this time, the company may refuse you boarding.
  • Checking in for the Holyhead - Dublin crossing / Go to the Irish Ferries or Stena Line desk at Holyhead ferry terminal to check in with your passport or ID card and your booking number. If you are travelling by car, please stand in the reserved lanes. Check-in will take place directly from your vehicle.
  • Boarding the ferry to Dublin / Information messages are broadcast in the Holyhead ferry terminal to invite you to board. In your vehicle, Stena Line or Irish Ferries staff will proceed with boarding line by line. Wait patiently for your turn.

Holyhead to Dublin crossing: on board the ship...

On the Stena Line or Irish Ferries ship, everyone has their own travel philosophy. Some will want to relax in one of the reclining lounges, others will want to make the most of all the services offered on board or simply enjoy the view of the sea from the ship's deck.

Dublin is in sight, disembarkation imminent!

Here is some information for the disembarkation in Dublin:

  • Approaching Dublin Harbour / You will be allowed to return to the ship's garage once the ferry has docked. There is no point in rushing. In the meantime, we advise you to enjoy the arrival in Dublin from the outside deck.
  • If you are in a cabin. / If you have travelled from Holyhead to Dublin in the comfort of a cabin, you will need to vacate your cabin approximately half an hour before arrival in Dublin.
  • Leaving the ship and exploring Dublin / Driving out of the ship's garage is fairly quick. As a pedestrian, you will get out even faster. In Dublin you are likely to pass a customs check. Finally, your stay in Dublin begins in earnest!


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