How to get to Switzerland?

Whether you are a seasoned traveller or planning your first trip to Switzerland, it is often complicated to know the different transport solutions available to you to reach this country and get around in Switzerland.

Vivanoda is here to help you find the best transport options in Switzerland and make your trip to key cities like Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern or Lugano easier.

Vivanoda allows you to compare the different transport options for your trip to Switzerland, whether you are travelling by plane, train, bus or carpool. We have gathered all the necessary information to help you choose the best route and means of transport for your needs and budget. We have also listed the main transport companies for each means of transport, such as Swiss International Airlines, Air France, Germanwings, TGV Lyria, Deutsche Bahn, ÖBB, FlixBus, ALSA and Eurolines CH, so you can easily book your trip.

Train tickets to Switzerland

Trains are a very convenient way to discover Switzerland, with fast connections between the main cities and spectacular panoramic views. High-speed or regional trains from TGV Lyria, Deutsche Bahn and ÖBB connect cities like Lausanne, Bern or Lugano in a short time.

Coach tickets to Switzerland

Travelling by coach in Switzerland is an excellent choice for those who want to discover the country at their own pace and without spending too much money. FlixBus, ALSA and Eurolines CH coaches connect the most remote cities and towns, such as Lugano, Bern or Lausanne, offering a unique and authentic experience.

Flights to Switzerland

Flying to Switzerland offers a wide variety of destinations, such as Zurich, Geneva or Basel. Airlines like Swiss International Airlines, Air France and Germanwings offer direct flights from many European cities, so you can plan your trip very flexibly.

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Travel and Transportation in Switzerland

Switzerland: What to see and do?

Switzerland is a beautiful and diverse country, famous for its majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes, historic cities and multilingual culture. If you are planning to visit this country, here are some of the main sights to see:

Swiss Alps: The Swiss Alps are world famous for their natural beauty, with peaks such as the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Jungfrau and Matterhorn attracting thousands of visitors every year. You can hike, ski, snowboard, climb or just enjoy the view.

Zurich: Zurich is a cosmopolitan city on the banks of the Limmat River. It offers many museums, art galleries, luxury shops, restaurants and lively bars. You can also visit the Grossmünster Cathedral and the Fraumünster Church, two of Zurich's most iconic landmarks.

Swiss lakes: Another major attraction of this country are the Swiss lakes. Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich, Lake Constance, Lake Lucerne and Lake Thun are all popular destinations for swimming, water sports and cruising.

Bern: Bern is the capital of Switzerland and a city rich in history and culture. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its medieval historic centre, with its cobbled streets, ornate fountains and colourful buildings. You can also visit Berne Cathedral and the Federal Palace, home to the Swiss government.

Lucerne: Lucerne is a picturesque city on Lake Lucerne. It is famous for its famous Chapel Bridge, a covered wooden footbridge with historical paintings. You can also visit the Museum of Swiss Culture and the Lucerne Art Museum.

Chillon Castle: Chillon Castle is a medieval castle on the shores of Lake Geneva, near Montreux. It is considered one of the most beautiful castles in Switzerland, with its towers, chapels, dungeons and gardens.

The Olympic Museum: The Olympic Museum in Lausanne is a museum dedicated to the Olympic Games and sports. It houses interactive exhibits, historical artifacts, sports facilities and a panoramic view of Lake Geneva.

In terms of transport, Switzerland has an excellent network of trains, buses and trams, with panoramic trains such as the Glacier Express and the Bernina Express offering spectacular views of the Alps. Local airlines, such as Swiss International Air Lines, offer flights to Switzerland's major cities, while carpooling services are also available for travellers.

Switzerland: How to get around the country?

Switzerland is a country renowned for its efficiency and quality of transport. If you're planning a trip and want to get from one city to another, you have several options at your disposal.

The train is the most popular and practical means of transport in Switzerland. The entire country is well served by a fast and reliable rail network. Swiss Railways, often referred to as Swiss Railways (SBB), offer frequent connections between all major Swiss cities. Trains are clean, comfortable and punctual. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance to get the best deals and to avoid the inconvenience of finding yourself without a seat.

If you prefer to travel by bus, several companies run regular services between Swiss cities. One of the main companies is FlixBus, which offers affordable journeys. Buses are an ideal option if you want to explore the more remote parts of Switzerland where trains don't go.

If you like driving, you can also hire a car. Switzerland's roads are well maintained and offer beautiful scenery. However, bear in mind that motorway tolls apply on some roads and parking in towns can be expensive. Make sure you take these extra costs into account when hiring a car.

In some mountainous regions, cable cars and funicular railways are a popular way to get around. These modes of transport not only offer a convenient way of getting to higher altitudes, but also a unique experience offering spectacular views of the Swiss mountains. Cable cars are frequently used in ski resorts, but they are also popular with tourists who simply want to enjoy the Alpine panorama.

Finally, if you're planning to visit the Swiss lakes or other waterways, you might consider taking a boat. Ferry services are available on several lakes, including Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich and Lake Lucerne. It's a great way to combine transport with a peaceful, relaxing experience on the water.

Switzerland offers a variety of means of transport for travelling from one city to another. Whether you choose the train, bus, car, cable car or boat, make sure you select the option that best suits your needs and itinerary.

Switzerland: When to visit?

Switzerland is a beautiful destination all year round, but each season offers different experiences. Here are some tips for choosing the best season to travel in Switzerland, based on the climate, weather and average temperatures per month.

Summer is the most popular season for visiting Switzerland. From June to August, temperatures are mild, averaging between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. The days are long, making it possible to take full advantage of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and water sports on Swiss lakes. However, it is important to note that this is also the most touristy period, which means that attractions can be crowded and prices higher.

Spring and autumn are also good times to visit Switzerland. In April, May and September, temperatures are pleasant, averaging between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. The Alpine landscapes are adorned with flowers in spring and autumn colours in September. It's an ideal time of year for nature lovers and those who prefer to avoid the crowds.

Winter in Switzerland offers breathtaking scenery and is ideal for winter sports enthusiasts. From December to February, temperatures are cold, averaging between -2 and 7 degrees Celsius in the lowlands. Mountainous regions, such as the Swiss Alps, offer optimum snow conditions for skiing and snowboarding. However, it's important to be prepared for colder temperatures and shorter days.

Each season has its advantages in Switzerland. Summer offers mild temperatures and plenty of outdoor activities, spring and autumn allow you to avoid the crowds and enjoy the scenery, while winter is ideal for winter sports. Your choice of season will therefore depend on your personal preferences and interests.

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