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Trip Cherbourg Dublin

Modes of transportferry, bus, train
Distance325 mi
Direct lineYes

How to go from Cherbourg to Dublin ?

You've chosen Dublin as a destination for your next holidays or weekend but you don't know how to get there from Cherbourg and how to find the best Cherbourg to Dublin transport deals? Browsing several websites to get a simple information and book your trip is always very tedious.

Thanks to your multimodal search engine Vivanoda, you'll find on the same site all fares for buses, trains and ferries to get to Dublin. Simply enter your travel date to Dublin and Vivanoda does the rest. Sorting options and filters are at your disposal to refine your search.

To travel from Cherbourg, ferries, trains or buses of Celtic Link Ferries, Iarnród Éireann, Bus Eireann and Irish Ferries will carry you to Dublin.

All modes of transport Cherbourg-Dublin

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Cherbourg to Dublin ferries

Boarding a ferry to Dublin from the port of Cherbourg is an unforgettable experience, which will make you like to travel by ferry. Unlike other modes of transport, the holidays start as soon as you get on board where you take full advantage of the facilities offered by Irish Ferries. Vivanoda will facilitate your search of the cheapest Cherbourg Dublin ferries.

Why travel by ferry from Cherbourg to Dublin?

  • It is much more relaxing than by car. No doubt you will disembark at Dublin completely relaxed.
  • You don't need to worry about how many luggage you have. When you board at Cherbourg on a Irish Ferries ferry, you have the freedom to take as much luggage as you want, as long as it is contained in your vehicle.
  • There is no other more pleasant means of transport than the ferry to travel with your kids between Cherbourg and Dublin in family.

What companies operate the Cherbourg Dublin ferry route?

There's one ferry company that links Cherbourg to Dublin: all Irish Ferries fares are displayed in the search results.

Irish Ferries Cherbourg Dublin

Cherbourg ferry terminals

You must consider a certain time (to check with the company Irish Ferries) before the actual time of departure of the ship to present you at the ferry terminal of Cherbourg. After this time, the company may refuse to board you. At Cherbourg, present your indentity papers (passport) and the file number of the reservation at the Irish Ferries counters. By car, the check-in is identical but is done directly from your vehicle.
  • Cherbourg - Gare Maritime

Dublin ferry terminals

  • Dublin Ferries Terminal 1

Cherbourg to Dublin bus

Travelling only by bus from Cherbourg to Dublin is not possible. You'll need to find other means of transportation (rail or ferries) to reach Dublin.

Bus stops at arrival in Dublin

Once the bus has arrived at Dublin, check and collect your belongings so as not to forget anything.

  • Dublin (Busáras)

Train Cherbourg to Dublin

Is Cherbourg connected to Dublin with a direct train?

No, unfortunately no train line allows to go from Cherbourg to Dublin without making any changes.

Cherbourg Dublin railways companies

The train company that operates this journey is Iarnród Éireann.
Iarnród Éireann Cherbourg Dublin

Arrival train stations in Dublin

  • Dublin Connolly
  • Tara Street
  • Dublin Pearse

Which carriers to travel between Cherbourg and Dublin?

Ferry companies
The ships of Celtic Link Ferries ensure the maritime connection between the port of Cherbourg - Gare Maritime and the one of Rosslare (Rosslare Europort Ferries at 2.5 mi from the city)
The ferries of Irish Ferries make the crossing between Cherbourg and Dublin where they serve the ports of Cherbourg - Gare Maritime and Dublin Ferries Terminal 1 respectively 0.6 mi and 2.9 mi distant from their city centre.
Railway companies
Iarnród Éireann provides a rail connection Rosslare-Dublin with the train InterCity from Rosslare Europort railway station (2.6 mi from city-centre) and serving the rail station of Dublin Connolly at arrival (0.9 mi from centre)
Bus companies
The bus company Bus Eireann operates the intercity service from the bus station of Rosslare Europort in Rosslare and to the one of Dublin (Busáras) ( Ireland)
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