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Vaasa to Umea

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5 suggested routes to go from Vaasa to Umea by flight, ferry, train

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Trip Vaasa Umea

Modes of transportplane, ferry, train
Distance66 mi
Direct lineYes

How to go from Vaasa to Umea ?

Umea is your next holiday destination but you're wondering how to go there and how it is possible to get the cheapest Vaasa to Umea transport offers? In general, you browse several websites and spend hours without being sure that all transport solutions were considered.

You'll be able to get in a single search on Vivanoda, your multimodal travel planner in Europe, all the prices for flights, ferries and trains to travel to Umea from Vaasa Fill in the date of your trip to Umea and Vivanoda will display all the transport offers. Finally, use the filters and sorting options to refine the results.

You'll mainly use the trains, flights and ferries of VR, SJ, NextJet, Yuzmashavia, Norrtåg, SAS - Scandinavian Airlines, Vaasanlaivat or Wasaline to reach Umea.

Which carriers to travel between Vaasa and Umea?

Air Baltic carries out a flight from Vaasa VAA airport situated 6.2 mi away from the city centre of Vaasa to Umea (arrival at Umea UME airport)
NextJet flies on the route from Kruunupyy KOK airport (located 8.7 mi from Kokkola, Finland) to Stockholm (serving Arlanda ARN airport)
Golden Air schedules the flight from Arlanda ARN airport situated 23 mi away from the city centre of Stockholm to Ornskoldsvik (arrival at Ornskoldsvik OER airport)
Yuzmashavia ensures the flight route from Arlanda ARN airport (located 23 mi from Stockholm, Sweden) to Kramfors (serving Kramfors KRF airport)
SAS - Scandinavian Airlines carries out a flight from Arlanda ARN airport situated 23 mi away from the city centre of Stockholm to Sundsvall (arrival at Sundsvall/Harnosand SDL airport)
Railway companies
VR provides rail connections Vaasa-Seinajoki with the train from Vaasa railway station (0.2 mi from city-centre) and serving the rail station of Seinäjoki asema at arrival (0.2 mi from centre) and from Seinajoki to Kokkola with the train which leaves Seinäjoki asema station to arrive at Kokkola railway station ( Finland)
SJ transports passengers on the rail lines Stockholm-Kramfors with the train from Stockholm Centralstation railway station (0.3 mi from city-centre) and serving the rail station of Kramfors station at arrival (0.1 mi from centre) and from Kramfors to Umea with the train which leaves Västeraspby station station to arrive at Umeå Centralstation railway station ( Sweden)
Norrtåg operates the train journey Kramfors-Umea with the train from Kramfors station railway station (0.1 mi from city-centre) and serving the rail station of Umeå Centralstation at arrival (0.3 mi from centre)
Ferry companies
The ships of Wasaline ensure the maritime connection between the port of Vaasa and the one of Umea (Umea Holmsund at 10.6 mi from the city)
The ferries of Vaasanlaivat make the crossing between Vaasa and Umea where they serve the ports of Vaasa and Umea Holmsund respectively 1.9 mi and 10.6 mi distant from their city centre.

All modes of transport Vaasa-Umea

If you've already chosen the mode of transport you'd like to travel with, go directly to the dedicated section:

Vaasa to Umea ferries

Boarding a ferry to Umea from the port of Vaasa is an unforgettable experience, which will make you like to travel by ferry. Indeed, the fleet of Vaasanlaivat or Wasaline brings comfort and sense of freedom to the traveller, in a way you can't find with the other modes of transport (train, plane, bus). Launching a search on Vivanoda will help you find a cheap Vaasa Umea ferry crossing.

What are the Vaasa Umea ferry companies?

The ferry operators Wasaline and Vaasanlaivat have a regular service on the Vaasa Umea route.

Wasaline Vaasa UmeaVaasanlaivat Vaasa Umea

Reasons to take the ferry to Umea from Vaasa

  • To not worry about the number of luggage When you board at Vaasa on a Vaasanlaivat or Wasaline ferry, you have the freedom to take as much luggage as you want, as long as it is contained in your vehicle.
  • You avoid getting tired, unlike driving your car. No doubt you will disembark at Umea completely relaxed.
  • Travelling by ferry is simply the ideal transportation between Vaasa and Umea when you are with your family and especially with children.

Vaasa ferry terminals

You must arrive at the port of Vaasa well in advance. Check this time with your company Wasaline or Vaasanlaivat. Beyond this period, the company is entitled to refuse you to board. At Vaasa ferry terminal, locate the Vaasanlaivat or Wasaline counters and present your passport and the booking number. If you are motorized, the registration is done in the queue of vehicles.
  • Vaasa

Umea ferry terminals

  • Umea Holmsund

Cheap flights from Vaasa to Umea

Which airlines operate the Vaasa to Umea flights ?

This flight is scheduled by only one airline: Air Baltic.
Air Baltic Vaasa Umea

To help you find cheaper flights to fly to Umea, we wanted to give you a few pieces of advice:

  • Prefer flying to Umea on a weekday (Monday to Thursday) and be flexible. Prices vary along the time depending many factors including the date and time of travel. So you'd better be able to have a 2- or 3-day flexibility to book your trip.
  • It is highly recommended to book your Vaasa Umea flight several weeks (or even months) in advance. Most of the time, this is the number one yield management rule: cheapest price are available long time before departure (this targets leisure customers who are used to booking early).

Departure airport in Vaasa

  • VAA Vaasa

Destination airport in Umea

  • UME Umea

Train Vaasa to Umea

Vaasa Umea train companies

There are 3 carriers that operate rail journeys between Vaasa and Umea: VR, SJ and Norrtåg.
VR Vaasa UmeaSJ Vaasa UmeaNorrtåg Vaasa Umea

Is there a direct train for the Vaasa-Umea route?

No, unfortunately no train line allows to go from Vaasa to Umea without making any changes.

Railway stations from Vaasa

  • Vaasa

Arrival train stations in Umea

  • Umeå Centralstation

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