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Salzburg to Palma (Mallorca)

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3 suggested routes to go from Salzburg to Palma (Mallorca) by flight, train, bus

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Palma (Mallorca)
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Palma (Mallorca)
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Palma (Mallorca)
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How to go from Salzburg to Palma (Mallorca) ?

Trip Salzburg Palma (Mallorca)

Modes of transportplane, bus, train
Distance769 mi
Direct lineYes

You're planning a trip from Salzburg to Palma (Mallorca) and like many travellers you are looking for the best and the cheapest mode of transport to travel between Salzburg Palma (Mallorca)? In general, you browse several websites and spend hours without being sure that all transport solutions were considered.

You'll be able to get in a single search on Vivanoda, your multimodal travel planner in Europe, all the prices for flights, trains and buses to travel to Palma (Mallorca) from Salzburg Simply enter your travel date to Palma (Mallorca) and Vivanoda does the rest. Finally, use the filters and sorting options to refine the results.

To reach your destination from Salzburg, you will travel with Air Berlin, ÖBB, Sunexpress, Deutsche Bahn, MÁV, FlixBus, Niki Airlines or Vueling Airlines by buses, trains or flights.

If you've already chosen the mode of transport you'd like to travel with, go directly to the dedicated section:

Salzburg to Palma (Mallorca) bus

Unfortunately you will not be able to travel from Salzburg Palma (Mallorca) only by coach. You will have to change modes of transport and use other lines by flight or rail.

Bus stops in Salzburg

You will have to arrive at your Salzburg stop between 15 minutes and 30 minutes, depending on the bus company, before the departure time indicated on your ticket. Finally, have your ticket checked by the driver of FlixBus or Hellö and get on board after having your luggage in the hold.

  • Salzburg Flughafen
  • Salzburg Hbf/Lastenstr.

Train Salzburg to Palma (Mallorca)

Is there a direct train for the Salzburg-Palma (Mallorca) route?

No, unfortunately no train line allows to go from Salzburg to Palma (Mallorca) without making any changes.

Salzburg Palma (Mallorca) railways companies

There are 4 carriers that operate rail journeys between Salzburg and Palma (Mallorca): MÁV, Bayerische Oberlandbahn, ÖBB and Deutsche Bahn.
MÁV Salzburg Palma (Mallorca)Bayerische Oberlandbahn Salzburg Palma (Mallorca)ÖBB Salzburg Palma (Mallorca)Deutsche Bahn Salzburg Palma (Mallorca)

Railway stations from Salzburg

  • Salzburg Hbf

Cheap flights from Salzburg to Palma (Mallorca)

Here's a few tips that can be useful to help you get the best deals to fly from Salzburg to Palma (Mallorca):

  • Don't wait the day before your trip to book the Salzburg Palma (Mallorca) flight as prices should be very high. This is one of the most important rule in airline industry: leisure travellers who are keen to pay less book early; business travelles are keen to pay more but book late.
  • Prefer flying to Palma (Mallorca) on a weekday (Monday to Thursday) and be flexible. Prices vary along the time depending many factors including the date and time of travel. So you'd better be able to have a 2- or 3-day flexibility to book your trip.

Which airlines operate the Salzburg to Palma (Mallorca) flights ?

Eurowings and Niki Airlines are the 2 airlines to serve the air route Salzburg Palma (Mallorca) in direct flight.
Eurowings Salzburg Palma (Mallorca)Niki Airlines Salzburg Palma (Mallorca)

Departure airport in Salzburg

  • SZG Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Destination airport in Palma (Mallorca)

  • PMI Palma Mallorca

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