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About Brittany Ferries

Launch date 1972
Headquarter Roscoff, France
Countries served Spain, France, Ireland, United Kingdom

The company was founded in 1972 by Alexis Gourvennec who wanted to open up Brittany and allow Breton farmers to bring their products more easily to the British market. Departed from the port of Roscoff in France (Finistère), where the company's headquarters are still located, the first ferry reached Plymouth on the other side of the Channel. It became a passenger ferry company in 1974, the network has continued to grow with the creation of new lines serving Plymouth, Portsmouth and Poole from Roscoff, Saint-Malo, Caen, Le Havre, Cherbourg in France and from Santander and Bilbao in Spain.

45 years later, it is one of the largest ferry companies in Europe and is the leader on the Western Channel and destinations between the United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Spain.

You will find below the complete network of the company in 2018 which allows you from the UK to:

lignes Birttany Ferries
  • Travel by ferry to France with Brittany Ferries : Plymouth - Roscoff, Portsmouth - St Malo, Portsmouth - Caen, Portsmouth-Cherbourg, Portsmouth - Le Havre.
  • Travel by ferry to Ireland with Brittany Ferries : Roscoff - Cork
  • Travel by ferry to Spain with Brittany Ferries : Roscoff-Bilbao, Portsmouth-Santander, Plymouth-Santander

« Brittany Ferries Economie » no-frills service

It's sort of the low-cost branch of the company. Indeed, Brittany Ferries has always developed a quality offer aboard comfortable ships with a high level of service. But to offer crossings at very competitive prices without cutting corners on Brittany Ferries' own quality, the company has set up a few years ago a low cost offer called "Economy". Thus, three ships (the Baie de Seine, Etretat and Connemara since 2018) offer simpler and less extensive services (only 1 restaurant, 1 bar, no cinema ...) than on the ferry-cruises while maintaining a certain level of comfort.

FAQ: Brittany Ferries reservations, onboard services and information

We present here the answers to the many questions you may have when booking a ferry crossing with Brittany Ferries.

What is the time of check in for my crossing?

The departure time of the boat is indicated during your booking and on your ticket. Of course, it is necessary to show up at the port of departure sufficiently early for the checkin before boarding (tickets and passports controls, etc ...).

Depending on the type of traveler you are (alone, with a car, handicapped, ...), Brittany Ferries company recommends arriving at the port:

  • 1 hour before the departure time if you are a person with limited mobility
  • 1 hour 30 minutes before departure time if you are travelling with an animal, or if you are traveling as a group.
  • at least 3 quarters of an hour before the departure time if you are not concerned by the previous situations

Is there wifi on board ferries?

Brittany Ferries offers free WiFi on all its ships. Be careful because it is however limited to some parts of the boat, generally on the common parts (restaurants, bars, ...). It is therefore possible that the connection is not available if you are in your cabin. On the other hand, the onboard wifi is a signal picked up by satellite and Internet browsing can be slower than what we are used to at home.

The other option is to connect to the mobile network at high seas. This is not managed by the company and is therefore not free, depending on your Internet provider. It is also important to note that the connection to this mobile network is outside the scope of the recent European directive ending mobile roaming charges within the European Union. To avoid any (bad) surprise, it is recommended to turn off the mobile data services on your smartphone, to prevent certain applications from connecting automatically.

How to travel with Brittany Ferries when you are a person with limited mobility?

When travelling in wheelchairs or with health problems affecting your ability to travel, it is common to face situations that may impact your travel experience.

Almost all ferries of the Brittany Ferries fleet are equipped with lifts, which greatly facilitates travel on the ship (garages, lounges, restaurants ...). If you want a cabin, some are specifically equipped for people with limited mobility. Just make the request. In general, when booking, it is preferable to mention your disability so that the company make arrangements accordingly: reservation of a parking space near the elevators in the garage, accompaniment on the deck of the ship from the ferry terminal if you are travelling without a vehicle, etc.

If you are visually impaired, Braille signage is available on board. You will also be able to bring with you your guide dog, provided that you notice it when booking and meet the conditions required by authorities for the entry of animals into the territory. Your dog remains of course under your responsibility during the whole crossing.

Despite all the arrangements made to accommodate you at best, services for people with disability may sometimes face safety constraints on board, and it is best to be accompanied by another person during the crossing.

How to change your pounds in euros (or vice versa!) on board?

On your trip to France or Spain you will have to change your pounds to euros. If you have not done so before the crossing, you have at your disposal on all ferries, ATM in euros and pounds sterling. Be careful, however, the fees that may apply when withdrawing a foreign currency. Inquire at your bank, depending on the fees applied, it may be more interesting to withdraw money previously in an exchange office before or after the crossing.

What currency is used on board?

On board the ships of the fleet, you can pay all your purchases at shops, your meals at restaurants, your leisure activities (cinema, swimming pool, ...) in euros or sterling, both currencies are accepted and, if necessary, the exchange is in the currency of your choice. A good opportunity on the way back from France or Spain to get rid of euros.

Can we access the garage during the crossing?

During the entire crossing, from the port of departure to your arrival at your destination port, and for security reasons, it is strictly forbidden to access the garages and return to your vehicle. We must therefore anticipate and take with you everything you need (picnic, toys for children, books, medicines ...)

Contact Brittany Ferries

You will find on the Twitter account of Brittany Ferries all the information in real time (delay of the ferry, cancellation of a crossing, etc ...).

To get timetables for a future ferry crossing with Brittany Ferries: launch a price search here

Contacts and useful numbers

If you have already booked your crossing and want to contact Brittany Ferries you can do it via their Twitter account, especially if you want to change your booking or request a refund following the cancellation of your reservation.

  • Headquarters in France : Port du Bloscon, 29688 Roscoff
  • Brittany Ferries in the UK: Millbay, Plymouth, Devon, England PL1 3EW / Phone number: 01752 648000 from Monday to Friday, 8:30 - 17:30

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